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Mexico: Right technology and consultancy brings record yields to Vista Produce

Good results have been achieved in the recent greenhouse expansion at Mexican greenhouse grower Vista Produce in Puebla. The grower increased its production of tomatoes on the vine with 10%, to a total of 63 kilos per square meter.

According to Vista Produce’s general manager Alejandro Sanchez, this resulted from having the right technology and cultivation strategies available. «By having the right technology, technical and commercial partners, our team can focus on being more productive”.

Vista Produce grows TOV’s that are marketed via Pure Flavor. After gaining experience during the first 4 years of TOV production, the growers at Vista Produce and their cultivation advisers Manuel Valdés and Alejandro Tarrats approached greenhouse constructor J.Huete to expand their greenhouse operation with a special structure design. «This new structure required to be designed according to meet the needs of the growers, taking into account their own production procedures, local climate conditions, the TOV variety and available technologies», explained Fued Alle, director of J.Huete Mexico.

The new production site of Vista Produce in Puebla

The new structure designed by them was wider and higher and as a cover, a clear plastic film with 12% light diffusion was used. Moreover, the growers and technicians redesigned the inner cultivation system by installing a closed circuit irrigation system, along with the drainage control solution from Hydroponic Systems. As well as this, the plant density was optimized, by increasing the width of the rows with 20 centimeters. According to the growers, these improvement were at the base of the production of quality improvements at Vista Produce. Together with the special production program designed by the greenhouse crop advisers, the new greenhouse and strategy resulted in a yield of 63 kilos per square meter. Compared with the 57 kilos per square meter yield in the previous structure, this was a 10 % increase.

“We have a superb technology partner in J. Huete», said Alejandro Sanchez, Vista Produce General Manager. «They listened to our needs and delivered a project that enabled us to achieve our goals.»

Also, Fued Alle of J.Huete Mexico is pleased with the end result of the close cooperation between the growers, advisers, marketeer and technology suppliers. «It is the sum of Vista Produce’s experience and know-how, the proper advice of Manuel and Alejandro, the expert market knowledge of Pure Flavor, and us as a technology partner. It was great to work together, allowing every party to do what they are good at”.


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