Security measures in greenhouses

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The evolution of the agricultural sector under plastic tends to make structures of greenhouses increasingly higher and wider to improve the control of the climatic and agronomic conditions.

Security measures are currently being implemented in greenhouses, but with the new trend, these security measures must be increased and improved.

The width of the greenhouse’s spans has increased from 9.60 meters, 12.80 m, to 16 meters, and with a height to gutter that oscillates of 5 m to 6.5 m. This type of structures forces to realize greenhouses with a higher crop load and a stronger wind load. And it must also increase security measures.

Given the increasing risk in this type of facility, it is necessary to have good safety policies to avoid possible accidents or damages.




There are dangers in the construction of greenhouses, such as falls of people or objects as a result of the height of work needed to install a greenhouse. And other causes of accidents such as overexertion, hits or cuts. Therefore it is interesting to promote new methods or safety measures that reduce the work accidents in this type of facilities, and at the same time help to improve the assembly process of the greenhouse.


From J. Huete we are committed to safety at work, so our engineering department designs greenhouses with safety systems prepared both for the assembly of this type of structures, and for the subsequent maintenance as: plastic change, cleaning of gutters , whitewashed, etc.

J.Huete can advise on the implementation of security systems, whether it is a new greenhouse project or an expansion of an existing greenhouse project.


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