Rain and Crop Drainage Recirculation Systems

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Water is an increasingly scarce and vital resource for the existence of the human being, and we are more aware of it every day. That is why, if we have the technology that allows it, it is a mistake not to include Rain and Crop Drainage Recirculation Systems, in the Integral Greenhouse Projects that are developed, in order to take care of this invaluable natural resource.

In addition, more and more people are demanding products that respect the environment. Therefore, many of the Commercialization Companies who will buy the production of the Greenhouses, are now demanding this type of Systems that contribute to make the Projects sustainable, as well as being a great differentiator with respect to other producers that are not giving this step forward.

At J.Huete, we have always been concerned about being at the forefront, both, in the Technology of our Products and Projects, as well as in making the Greenhouse Projects we develop for our clients incorporate new technologies aimed at maximizing their productivity and profitability , but also that they are respectful with the environment.

Due to that and related to this topic, it is already common that in the Greenhouse Projects that we develop at J.Huete, we incorporate integral systems for the recovery and utilization of rainwater and crop drainage, using the most recent technological equipment of Gutters and Spacers for drainage conduction, as well as systems and automatisms for the recovery, disinfection and reuse of them.

At J.Huete we know that in this way, the Greenhouse Projects of that we develop and implement for our clients, besides achieving good profitability, will be able to make efficient use of valuable resources such as water, resulting in a truly Integral Project.

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