New system for strawberry production in greenhouse

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In recent years, the growing interest of the market in the «Berries» product range has made the industry start creating new production systems, designing and/or adapting new technologies and structural designs for this type of products, in order to improve the production to be more efficient in both terms: quality and quantity produced.


J.Huete is one of those companies that, due to the market demands and the technological approach of the company, has designed and implemented a system for the production of Strawberries. Thanks to the continuous contact and the close collaboration between the company and the customers, the system could be developed, which has already been installed in different greenhouses and in different climatic locations and is currently working with good results.


The advantages and benefits of the system are as follows:

  1. Production capacity: up to 200,000 plants/Ha. Thanks to an oscillating gutters system we are able to maximize the plant density per hectare.
  2. Suitable for both bags and pots. Thanks to the versatility of the system we can use both substrate bags and pots for the production of strawberries.
  3. Production in substrate instead of pure hydroponic. The production in substrate allows us to take certain advantages that we do not have in a pure hydroponic system.
  4. Advantages of the drainage system:


  • Evacuate drainage efficiently.
  • Avoid the spread of diseases.
  • It favors and increases aeration in the roots.
  • Gets better root development.

Nuevo sistema para la producción de fresa

The system for strawberry production will be presented officially in the Fruit Logistica Exhibition that will take place in Berlin, Germany, from the 8th to the 10th of February, in the Pavilion 8.1, Stand B05,

Or you can get more information through the email: | (+34) 968 807 368 |


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